Off Court

How Amar’e Stoudemire Handles Business On and Off the Court

He retired from the NBA but is just getting started.

Amar’e Named One of the best dressed athletes on SI’s most fashionable list

My mother was always into fashion when I was growing up. Seeing her tastes and interest in the finer things in life has rubbed off on me and influenced my sense of style. The clothes I wear are based on the occasion or event, if I’m going to the MET Gala, for example, I’m stepping […]

Stoudemire Q&A: Miami, art, and the Heat getting hot

STAT talked about the Heat’s chemistry, Suns memories, art in Miami and more.

Video: Black History Month 2016

Amar’e Stoudemire sits down with Pastor Henry Buie to talk about Black History month, faith, and how the two are connected.

Back in NY, STAT gets his wine bath on

Amar’e found time for his famous wine bath.

Video: STAT speaks at Design Dialogues No. 23

Stoudemire and Antonio discussed educating themselves about art, their respective collecting philosophies, and the connection between fashion and art.

Video: STAT meets rare animals on Late Late Show

Animal expert Jack Hanna brings along some friends for Stoudemire to see up close.

Video: STAT plays “Is Betty White Older Than?”

On the Late Late Show, Amar’e is quizzed on whether Betty White was born before or after certain things.

Video: Amar’e Stoudemire Is All About Paint

STAT talks about his passion for art and how his charity, In the Paint, helps children discover art.

Video: STAT & Betty White on The Late Late Show

James Cordon speaks with Stoudemire and Betty White, whom he calls “America’s Sweethearts”.