Amar’e Stoudemire held Melech Collection’s 4th IN THE PAINT Series Event at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. An avid contemporary art collector, Stoudemire met with children in the Museum’s Youth Wing to create works made of fiber and string, inspired by the Wing’s current exhibition Wire(less) Connections and summer activity theme.

Stoudemire also visited the Museum’s newly restored historic house in downtown Jerusalem, Ticho House, where he met with and hosted an event called Zoom With Amar’e, honoring emerging artists currently on view in the Zoom 2016: Young Israeli Artists exhibition. The artists, recent honors graduates of art schools throughout Israel, presented works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, video, photography, installation, and performance art. Stoudemire spent the evening discussing art with several of the exhibiting artists: Yaniv Amar, Limor Tamir, Nirit Takale, Samah Shihadi, Dor Zlekha-Levy, Sigal Cuchacovich, Michael Liani, Zohar Kawaharada, and Danielle Parsay, as well as the curators of the Ticho House & Zoom 2016 exhibition, Timna Seligman and Tal Bechler.