By Nic Screws

It’s hard not to notice Amar’e Stoudemire. His towering 6-foot-10 height aside, he’s a standout human being.
First of all, the NBA superstar favors hats. Nice ones. Big ones. Ones that make you say to yourself, “Wow, my head feels drastically underaccessorized now.” He also loves gold. Gold chains, gold watches, and as I found out via a little impromptu backstage teeth molding, gold grills (more on that later).

Then there are his two gorgeous, ever-present female companions. His wife, Alexis, is a blonde, statuesque bombshell, who like her husband, is a walking Pinterest board of effortless, sexy-cool style. And his longtime stylist, the hyperrespected and successful Rachel Johnson, who along with Stoudemire counts as clients ballers Chris Bosh and Victor Cruz (who, we should applaud, was just announced as the male face of Givenchy, a huge score for an American professional football player). They both, of course, add to his noticeability.

And now, after sitting beside, behind, and across from this ultrastylish troupe for four days at Paris Fashion Week and peeping from afar at their glamorous existence, we finally connect backstage at the Hood By Air show at the Philharmonie de Paris. (Coincidentally the show and place were as memorable and refreshing as the couple themselves.) Here, some highlights from my style-ranging sit-down with the Stoudemires.

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