By Jack Winter

“This is a different game,” Judd Apatow explains to Amar’e Stoudemire on the set of his hit comedy, Trainwreck. “Like what you do, that’s easy. There’s a hoop, you put the ball in it. That’s it. This is about emotions, and vulnerability, and not being afraid of knowing yourself.”

For both the award-winning director and six-time NBA All-Star, that sense of personal awareness apparently means the hilarious, self-deprecating nature they exhibit in this clip from “Directing Athletes: A Blood Sport,” a behind-the-scenes featurette included exclusively on the upcoming Trainwreck Blu-ray.

Expressly after telling Stoudemire why filmmaking is so much more difficult than playing professional basketball, Apatow accidentally draws the obvious parallels between cast and crew and players and coaching staffs. Like even the most acclaimed directors, the league’s most successful coaches don’t always wield more power than their supposed, uber-successful underlings.

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