By James Ford

It’s a concept that’s been proven to save thousands of lives by swiftly moving EMTs and their equipment through congested traffic to get to emergency scenes. But New York, the place that can benefit most in the U.S. from a network of ambulance motorcycles, or ambucycles, has yet to adopt them.

So six-time NBA All Star Amar’e Stoudemire, who cemented his career in New York, is taking the matter into his own hands and is deploying a fleet of ambucycles in a place where they’re welcome — Israel — and he’s doing it with a big assist from hundreds of young people from the Tri State area and their families.

The ambucycle concept is not new in New York. Two years ago, PIX11 News was the first news outlet in the U.S. to introduce the idea of an ambulance on two wheels.

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