By Brendan Patel

Amar’e Stoudemire came to the Dallas Mavericks with the hopes of getting quality playing time on a championship contender. Stoudemire has figured out how to remain an efficient scorer, and will not need to be a first or second option for this team. Stoudemire can be a key player for the Mavericks in the playoffs and can give them an edge off the bench.

Stoudemire has become a smarter scorer, and is still very valuable in the pick and roll. The Mavericks utilize excellent spacing and ball movement with this set, and were extremely potent at the beginning of the season on offense because of it.

Stoudemire can help give them another option, as he is good at finishing at the rim while also being able to hit the mid-range shot. There are not many power forwards off the bench that will be able to match up with him, and he gives the Mavericks an advantage. Having another power forward that they can trust is important, especially since their big men are no longer in the prime of their career and will not be able to play as many minutes.

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