By Tim Cato

In the Mavericks 92-81 win against Charlotte on Sunday, Stoudemire played his first 11 minutes with Dallas. He scored 14 points, shot 5-8 and made four free throws. He dunked three times, including an alley oop.

Stoudemire, however, made it clear he’s not worried about his “role,” insomuch that he’s playing and winning.

“Whatever it takes to win,” he said after the game.”The league knows my pedigree. They know what I bring to the table. This is my 13th year in this league, but whatever we need as a team to win, I’m here to help.”

1. Amar’e Can Still Scare a Defense

The memory of him dunking on any and all comers and his reputation as one of the league’s best roll men lives on in the minds of NBA defenders. He illustrated Sunday, he’s still a danger whenever he approaches the rim.

On Sunday, the Hornets largely ignored him on the pick and roll, leading to 14 points as he barreled down the lane and was set up around the basket. But after watching him do that in just 11 minutes, you have to wonder whether teams will guard him so loosely.

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