By Marshall Heyman

One of the surprising things about the Henry Street Settlement’s 2014 gala dinner dance on Tuesday at the Plaza was the average age of the attendees.

Here is an institution that has helped New Yorkers on the Lower East Side for more than 100 years through social services, art programs and health-care services. Because of its longevity as a local charity, it would seem to attract a crowd that wasn’t only grandfathered in, but also, well, a little bit grandfatherly.

The group of young professionals that showed up this week, however, was anything but. Among them: Amar’e and Alexis Stoudemire, who was being honored for her work with at-risk youth.

It was time for Ms. Stoudemire to step up from the table and accept her honor.

“Have fun,” her husband told her, as he got his iPhone ready to record her speech, which managed to be both from-the-hip and from-the-heart. “Go get ’em.”

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