Not only will Kevin Ware be in attendance to his see his Louisville teammates take on Wichita State in the semifinals of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament on Saturday night, there will be 1,000 more of him in the stands.

After Ware fractured his leg in Sunday night’s game against Duke, and the team started rallying around him, the Louisville marketing team contacted Build-A-Head, the first company to capitalize off the trend of oversized pictures of heads in the stands at sporting events.

When the $2,500 price for 1,000 heads appeared to be a bit steep, the company’s founder, Bryan Price, got to work. He looked on Twitter at the professional athletes sending messages to Ware and saw a note from New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire. Price had previously worked with Stoudemire’s foundation. A phone call later, Stoudemire’s foundation was on board to donate the heads. Price said on the back of the heads will be the hashtag #winforware and a logo for Stoudemire’s foundation, which aims to makes lives better for at-risk youth.

Louisville’s sports information director, Kenny Klein, told that the heads were cleared by the school’s compliance department and will be given away to students who will be in the student section tomorrow supporting the team.

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