By Alan Walsh

We all know how well Amar’e Stoudemire is doing coming off of the bench; it’s not a secret anymore. The next thing that needs to be brought to the forefront is his shooting percentage. Now it just seems like Stoudemire is just throwing basketball’s into an ocean-sized hoop.

In the last three games, STAT has only missed five shots. Even more impressively, he’s only missed two in the last two games. In these three games, the Knicks are 2-1 and the two wins came by a combined ten points.

One thing that’s helping Stoudemire get these phenomenal numbers is the amount of talent the Knicks have on their roster. A lot of the guys like Melo, Chandler, and J.R. need to have a body on them at all times. Carmelo Anthony had a season-high eight assists in the game on Wednesday and STAT realizes how much that all helps out.

“Teams are starting to collapse on him and double-team him and he sees that before anyone else, said Stoudemire. “He’s able to pass out of the double-team and create offense for his teammates.”

Here’s a look at Stoudemire’s last three games:

2/27 vs Golden State 20 Mins 6-7 (.857%) 14 Pts

2/24 vs Philadelphia 22 Mins 9-10 (.900%) 22 Pts

2/22 @ Toronto 27 Mins 6-10 (.600%) 14 Pts