By Alan Walsh

According to an article in Thursday’s New York Post, Amar’e Stoudemire is getting back to his vegetarian diet.

The publicly-spoken vegan just took a week-long hiatus from the greens and went back to a more conventional diet.

“I just needed a break.” Stoudemire said.

In New York, the temptation of delicious food is always around, so Stoudemire felt that he needed a break from the vegetarian lifestyle. “It was tough.” he said. “I love chicken and I live Chilean sea bass. I missed it. But I wanted to stay strong.”

The dish he attributes his high level of play to is a mixture of asparagus, brussel sprouts and salad. “It purifies the red blood cells and eliminates toxins. It fortifies the blood. It helped me recover and preserve through injuries. I did that for three months. I wanted to really give myself the best opportunity to remain healthy.”

After the game against the Wizards, he ate a plate of spinach and broccoli while his teammates opted for some postgame pasta and sausage.

Stoudemire insists that his new dieting plan made Carmello Anthony a believer, as he went on a fast in January. Mike Woodson started a diet regiment as well.

“It’s just rewarding to be healthy,” Stoudemire said.