Amar’e Stoudemire was recently profiled by MSG’s Tina Cervasio. The piece focused on life off the court as he recently picked up a new role in his private life. We are also introduced to his three kids, simply known on social media as the #STATFAM. Stoudemire also talks about his wife Alexis who he recently married in a private ceremony on 12.12.12. He discussed how important it was for him to have his entire family under one roof.

“My son’s playing tackle football he’s a running back…my two daughters are in tennis and dance. So taking them to that and having that dialogue with them…those are the high moments of my life!”

Stoudemire has known Alexis throughout his twenties and spoke about the strong relationship that they have formed:

“Through all my perseverance through injuries she’s been there. Throughout pretty much my whole career she’s always been a motivating factor for me. She’s a very strong women to put up with me! [smiles]”

They are also proud to report that a fourth child is on the way, yet another addition to the family known as #STATFAM.