By: Alan Walsh

On Thursday night, Amar’e Stoudemire unveiled his tell-all documentary, “In the Moment” to fans and members of the EPIX family in front of a packed house at the Marquee Nightclub in New York on 26th Street and 10th Avenue. The night got off to an authentic movie-like atmosphere as guests were given popcorn upon their arrival into the club.

Among those on hand for the event were Stoudemire’s wife, Alexis, and NY Knicks teammates- Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert, and Chris Copeland.

The documentary featured many aspects of STAT’s life which included a variety of things such as his rough upbringing in Lake Wales, FL to his road to recovery through the many injuries he’s suffered during his career in the NBA.

Growing up, Stoudemire’s mother was involved heavily in the usage and distribution of drugs, so it was his brother that gave him the guidance he needed throughout his life. Unfortunately, while playing for the Knicks last year, his brother, Hazell, was involved in a horrific car crash which took his life. During the documentary STAT’s mother talked about how strong of a person he was throughout his life.

“He never cried,” she said. “He was always a strong kid from the beginning and that’s translated into his success now.”

Fans applauded at many instances throughout the documentary, especially when bringing a title to New York was mentioned. The pro-Knicks crowd represented themselves well throughout the night and made it known that they were ready for their first-round matchup in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics.

“We’re gonna advance to the second round,” said Stoudemire during a post-documentary interview with ESPN’s Steven A. Smith. “I know that we have the talent to do it whether I’m on the court or not.”

Speaking of Steven A. Smith, he was up to his usual antics as he conducted the interview with Amar’e after the screening. He had the crowd laughing the entire way throughout, and he didn’t hold back with the tough questions.

His biggest question of the night for Amar’e was the one that ended the festivities in which he said, “Will you return for the first round of the playoffs…against the Boston Celtics?” To which Amar’e responded, “Stay tuned…”

Check out Pictures from the event. All pictures courtesy of: Jerritt Clark