Amar’e met President Shimon Peres at his house in Jerusalem while in town for the Maccabiah Games where he will serve as part of Canada’s Basketball team staff. President Peres and Amar’e spoke about learning science through sports as well as praising Stoudemire by saying, “It is an honor to have you in Israel. Since you have already achieved all the possible achievements elsewhere, I now urge you to join the Israeli National Team and be a part of our country. On behalf of the Israeli people and more importantly, on behalf of the youth of Israel, I am very pleased to have you here today. Your presence delights the children and there is nothing more delightful than children that are delighted. You are a very special man, not only because of your talent in basketball, but because of your personality. So many children all over the world dream of the NBA, and you are a hero to them. We appreciate the program that you have initiated with Hebrew University – an innovative program which will undoubtedly make a difference. Instead of people fighting on the battlefield , let them compete on the basketball court. On the court, there are no victims, just individuals and teams striving for excellence. I see athletes as ambassadors of peace. ”

Watch the meeting below:



Photo Credit: Mark Neiman – Government Press Office