By Melanie Evans – Rivera

Describing a procedure performed on his knee during the offseason as ‘extremely minor,’ Amar’e Stoudemire is heading into the New York Knicks’ training camp with one real goal in mind: to get strong and recover.

At Knicks media day, Stoudemire confirmed that he was still recovering after a minor procedure was performed on his knee over the summer. Going into training camp he has yet to resume basketball activities, but Amar’e is, as always, positive about his situation. In describing his recent procedure Stoudemire said ‘It was nothing to be concerned about all. All athletes do it, have minor procedures to get back on track. It’s just a matter of trying to deal with it and get better.’

Amar’e told the media that as training camp opens he will be cautious, but is determined he will be ready when the time comes. ‘The whole goal is to get strong and recover and by the the time training camp is over I should be ready to go.’

Addressing his current progress, Amar’e said he has yet to begin any basketball drills, and as camp opens he plans to be doing a lot of conditioning, while also spending time in the pool and the weight room. He spoke about being guided by the medical staff and, if necessary, accepting a limited minutes role similar to the one he did last season.

Through it all, Amar’e Stoudemire still believes that he has a lot to offer the Knicks this year, in whatever way he is eventually utilized. ‘I think miracles can happen any time. My goal is to stay faithful and understand that anything can happen and continue to work as hard as I can, bounce back and try to become the player that I know I am.’