Amar’e Stoudemire joined Knicks teammate Tyson Chandler along with former Knicks’ Clyde Frazier, and Earl Monroe to unveil the new Knicks jerseys at Hugo Boss on Thursday.

Stoudemire, Chandler, Frazier, and Monroe joined MSG reporter Tina Cervasio for a panel discussion. The panel talked about the new Knicks jersey, and New York’s fashion week.

Here is what Stoudemire had to say about fashion week in New York, and how important fashion is in his life:

How has fashion become such an important part of your life?

“I’m just taking notes from Clyde [Frazier]. I did a collection with Rachel Roy. Last collection was female’s apparel. Ever since I stepped into the fashion world it became just another platform for me, so I have been able to just cherish the moment and really grow in that magnitude.”

How do you integrate fashion with your height?

“For me my Mom was always very creative with her fashion. She was a model and she also designed. So watching her design her clothing, inspired me to then have a tailor myself. So a lot of the clothes I wear most of it is tailored made. Its hard for us to shop off the rack because of our height. but we can also locate a certain designer, and they will design something for us and then get it tailored made for our size.

Who is your favorite designer?

“Calvin Klein seems to be the one that fits me well…and you can’t forget Hugo Boss.”

You’ve been to two Met Costume Gala’s. What were those experiences like?

“It was awesome. I mean the first year it was an eye opener for me because I was hanging out with so many celebrities and they all knew me. A lot of times you don’t realize how you’re a fan of someone, but they’re also a fan of you. So being able to hang out with so many celebrities, so many movie stars and actresses and actors it was a lot of fun. Last year was the same way and I enjoyed myself as well. Each year there are always special performances. Watching everyone on the red carpet, you can sit back and make a movie off the red carpet scene So its always a lot of fun.”

What do you have planned for Fashion Week?

“I’m going to go to this fashion night out and have dinner with Anna Wintour. Then go to Calvin Klein’s collection. I did a lot this past Summer. I was out in Paris for the men’s fashion week out there and I went to a lot of shows. So this week I’m going to relax and just go to a couple shows and thats about it.”

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