Amar’e invited special guest, Blake Appleton, to the Detroit vs. Knicks game on Saturday, March 24. Blake is a student at Polk Avenue Elementary where Amar’e went to school in Lake Wales, Florida.

Blake has been battling terminal brain cancer. He was diagnosed January 1, 2008 and in November 2011 he decided to stop treatment. He wants to live his life as pain free and without sickness for as long as possible. Typically, with this type of cancer, doctors would expect him to have about six months left.

Blake has always wanted to see New York City. Members of the Lake Wales Community got together to pay for the family to travel and for his wish to be granted. As a surprise for Blake, Amar’e hosted him courtside at MSG and gave him gifts from the Knicks, Steiner Sports and Scholastic Books.

Blake Appleton (9 years old) was joined by Morgan Appleton (10 year old sister), Miranda Appleton (mother) and Jenny Gilbert (teacher who escorted the family on this trip.)

Photos courtesy of: Avi Gerver/MSG Photos