I just finished lunch and I thought I would write a quick post before I take my pre-game nap.

Welcome to my new website! It has been completely re-designed to make it more fun for fans.  Keep checking back as we add more stuff to it. One of my favorite new features is a place for fan photos…so be sure to submit your pictures to my Facebook Page.   I will pick the ones I like and post them to the site.  I am looking for funny, positive and interesting photos of people supporting the Suns and me or doing something good in their community. I’ve been trying my best to respond to everyone on my Facebook and @amareisreal, but it is tough with the season going on. Keep following me, I appreciate the love and support!

I had a relaxing weekend.  I chilled out and enjoyed some downtime in Phoenix.   We are starting round two of the NBA Playoffs against the Spurs tonight.  I am getting fired up for our game.  The Spurs are a tough team and they are always a great match up for us.  I hope all of you are going to be tuned in tonight because it is going to be a great game.

Last thing, my Youth Basketball Academy is June 7-10 in Gilbert, AZ (For people out of the state, Gilbert is part of the greater Phoenix area.)  We are still accepting sign-ups for boys and girls ages 8-15 at amarestoudemire.com/youthsports.