Hello from Las Vegas!

I just came back to the hotel after watching the Knicks play the Pistons in summer league.  While I was down there, I even tried my hand at a little commentating.  I had fun giving my thoughts but I have to say I still prefer playing for now.

I went to the ESPY’s on Wednesday.  Check out the pics in the STAT Shots section.  It felt like every New Yorker said hello and wished me luck with the team.  They were everywhere.  Seth Meyers did a great job as host.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  The Arthur Ashe Award winners were the family of Coach Ed Thomas.  What an incredible story!

I am in town to workout and see how the team is doing in Summer League.  I did one workout today with my personal trainer and then I met up with Knicks Coach Phil Weber and a couple of guys from the team for round two.  I feel great and in good shape.