What’s up everybody? Congratulations to Lori Ann Gershman for being the fan of the week and writing such kind words. I had a great time at the Suns Tweet-Up too! It was nice meeting you and all the other Suns fans.

Keep submitting those pictures on my Facebook Fan Page and I’ll pick a new fan next week. Take it easy.


Lori Ann Gershman wrote:

As a 43-year (lifelong) Suns fan, The 2009 Suns Tweet-Up Game, was THE night of my life! I can’t tell you, Amaré, how GOOD it felt, to be able to thank you personally, express my appreciation, tell you how proud I am, and wish you a great game vs. the *Spurs —sending you off, with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek ( the Suns ripped the Spurs: 116-104). As much as I look up to you, I see your accomplishments, from a proud mother’s point of view. You’ve overcome a lot in your young life. I admire your diligence and your sensitivity, Amaré. We are blessed to have YOU on OUR team! You’re an absolute beast, on the court, and a true gentleman, off the court. Thanks for keepin’ it real! Now, get out there and show ’em what you’re made of!

With much love, hope, and gratitude –