The Western Conference Finals series is now tied 2-2. We are heading to LA shortly for game 5 so I thought I would check in. The game last night went how we thought it would go. The Lakers are going to make great shots but I am glad we were able to keep them from going on a run. So another quick business trip to LA for our team. Get ready Phoenix because we will be back on Saturday.

I am glad a lot of you checked out my new Facebook Store. My web team created this widget so people can get discounted stuff and I am the first person to have it. Fans saved up to 20% on their already discounted playoff tickets because they shared the deal with their friends. No one else had to buy anything. We are going to keep adding businesses and things that I like. They have my first list but I have been a too busy lately to think of other companies…so let me know on Facebook, if you have any suggestions.

I have to say a quick thanks to all of the fans. You have been great. I ran into a couple of you with my head after the game on Sunday night. For those of you who didn’t see, the guys at made these 11×16 heads of Steve, Grant, J-Rich and me. It was funny to look up before a Free Throw to see a big Steve starring back at me. They gave me some extras of mine that I am going sign and hide around town. Find out where on @amareisreal.

My Academy team wants me to remind you that there are ONLY 20 spots left in my basketball camp June 7-10. I will hopefully be playing in the Championship during that time. If I am, I will be stopping in when I am not working and if I am not, those kids better get ready to have some fun.

Now…on to game 5.