I really wanted to help educate today’s youth and give them all the tools and resources necessary to succeed in life. I was blessed to play the game of basketball and not everyone has that advantage. That’s why I am such a strong supporter about teaching our youth about smart spending and savings.

My hope for you is that the tools and resources listed below, can help you along your life’s path and make your journey successful and fulfilling one so that you can then help others, remember: Each One Teach One

The virtual classroom helps children learn about money at an early age. Each student receives an E-certificate upon completion of all the courses. Knowledge is power. Learn more here.

I also created a Visa card designed for today’s youth that will be used as a tool to help the student monitor, manage and budget their finances. Being smart with your money and truly knowing the value of your money and what you have is very important no matter what stage of your life. Spend wisely here.

Sun Tzu