What up everyone, Sun Tzu here.As you guys know, I was out for 6 and a half months due to my eye injury and it’s great getting back onto the courts again. Getting back into shape was probably the hardest thing about being out and I had to train hard to get to how I was before. Check out the video on how I prepared during preseason on my first day back. We do lots of conditioning and practicing to make sure we are prepared before each game. I start off my workout with a protein shake and then I hit the weight room to do some exercises, ab workouts, and lifting. Had to pick up some weights to build up the muscle mass I lost while being out. It was definitely hard at first and I got pretty winded but gotta come back with a vengeance! It’s all worth it to be able to hit the courts again and I’m blessed to be back in the game.

Thanks for all your support. We do it for our fans!