hardwood floor and basketballThe most difficult part about coming off an injury is walking back on the court. Why you ask? Because once you’re out, you want to be on so bad, and once you’re back on, you got to be better than before. Once you’re on the practice courts, its only you and the basketball and no one else except a trainer during the off season so its constant drills and running plays to improve the game. Some days I do the same workout over and over and over and over. The conditioning is not physically difficult but a test for the mind to keep up with your body. To be great is not to pick up the basketball and dunk over your opponents but rather to learn the art of making plays for your teammates and yourself. That art within each superstar takes years of devotion and practice from the concrete floors to the hardwood floors. As I work this off season to better my game after so many years, I feel as though that every season is my first and I got to play harder than the hardwood floors.

Sun Tzu